Q. Is your glitter "Cosmetic Grade"?

A. Yes. Our glitters are cosmetic grade glitters, made with FDA approved colorants. They are also made from acrylic polymer (plastic), which makes them safe for face and body applications.

Q. What is the best size glitter to use?

A. This all depends on how and what your are using it for. The "de facto" size for most cosmetic applications in the industry is .008 x .008 hex, which is our standard size. Anything smaller or larger tends to be not as brilliant or looks to chunky. However, we do carry smaller (.004 Hex) and larger (.0125 hex & shapes) glitters for different visuals and effects. Please contact us for a list of sizes and shapes.

Q. What is included in your Glitter Sample pack?

A. Our glitter sample kit includes all of our glitters. 110 colors of all our brilliant, holographic, and iridescent glitters.